Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Welcome Home!

The Primary Surnames for this Blog are the Lindsey and Watts.

Compiled and researched by, Alice Lindsey.

The Lindsey family and the Watts families are originally from Maryland, North Carolina and Missouri.

Our great-great grandfather Jacob Lindsey was a free black man from Maryland. He married Mary Coffin of Jamestown NC.

Mary Coffin is listed as the slave of Shubal Coffin in the 1850-1860 US census slave schedule.

The family story is that she was the daughter of Shubal and was listed as a slave to protect her from being kidnapped and sold.

Their oldest son Junius under the surname Coffin enlisted in the union army (see military record under official papers section below) during the Civil War. After the war he came back he and his family moved to Peru, IN.

His son, our great grandfather Henry Harrison, married Frances Porter, an orphaned Blackfoot Indian. They traveled the entire state of Illinois.

Our grandfather Harry Lindsey married Edith Watts; the family lived for a while in Peru, IN, and then moved to Chicago, IL.

GGGrandfather Julius Watts was a runaway slave from Rocky Mount, NC. He walked from Rocky Mount to Cairo, IL where he met the family of Matilda Dawson, daughter of slave owner Robert Dawson of Fayette, MO. who had been brought from slavery to Cairo. Julius married her daughter Fanny Patrick in Springfield, IL. Their children lived throughout IL. My grandmother Edith moved to Chicago, IL. with her husband Harry Lindsey.

It seems that over the years, many of our family have lost touch with each other. It is my hope that this site and the new web page will bring us all closer together. It is so easy to get caught up in our personal lives with today's hustle and bustle that we sometimes forget how important family is.

Please remember that this site will depend on the input of family members and close friends. Thanks in advance for all the contributions that will be forthcoming. Also,if you have your own webpage, I will be more than happy to include a link here. The more, the merrier!

Please take a moment and visit the family's web page "" than work on the survey. Do not worry about completing it all at once, just send me the answers as you complete your selected questions.

Finally, please forward this link to other family members, our goal is to reach 100 contacts by Saturday, January 29.

God Bless You.


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Please visit the family's main blog,

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